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Discover our exclusive strategy for learning and skill advancement — a distinctive fusion of innovation, hands-on application, and mentorship of EPAM practitioners.
Learning with AI

One of the key advantages of ESDE programs is the implementation of innovative teaching methods that involve AI-assisted mentorship and pedagogy. Using AI makes a remarkable difference from institutions' and online trainings’ traditional methodologies which contributes to the development of an outstanding student journey. 

  • By customizing lectures and trainings to meet the needs of each student, giving quick feedback, and providing guidance, AI can dramatically customize learning.  

  • Chatbots like ChatGPT can interact with students, respond to their queries, and maintain their motivation. 

  • AI will also assist in gathering and evaluating data on student performance, giving trainers the information they need to decide on teaching methods and curriculum updates. 
Hands-on Learning

Real-life scenarios and practical tasks are emphasized in our curricula. While working on their graduation projects, internships, and project-based learning assignments, students apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired. 

Our programs, designed by EPAM's top trainers, combine best-in-class digital learning with face-to-face interactions. You can rewind, rethink, and practice newly acquired skills at your own pace from all over the world. Then, connect with your peers and instructors to put what you've learned into practice through practical activities, workshops, and hackathons. 

Evergreen Curriculum

The pace of our degree programs is determined by technological innovation. Experts in the field and skilled technologists regularly update our curriculum, ensuring that you acquire latest methods and tools. Also, since we understand that employers most value a well-balanced set of technical, professional, and social skills, we assist you in grasping them.

In-Person Sessions with top Industry Experts

We strive to create a special, inspiring environment where individuals can learn from and work with the top experts in the field. The students have the chance to interact with experienced trainers and mentors from EPAM during the contact hours, which account for up to 30% of the learning time.  

Global Mindset

One of the main goals of the ESDE is to establish a global network of tech-savvy individuals so that they can collaborate with, support, and inspire one another. To achieve this goal, short-term practice is conducted in partner universities. Students connect with peers during campus visits, thus building and widening both local and global networks. 

In addition, EPAM offices around the world welcome students to take part in different activities and events. Through seminars, workshops, and hackathons, they can apply their knowledge and acquire new skills. 

Career Services
ESDE offers a wide range of activities for moving the students into IT careers in a slight and seamless way, as it was initially designed to prepare people for real-life cases in highly demanded positions.
There are a few ways in which ESDE integrates education and work:
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Course Projects
Students take part in real EPAM projects that are related to what they are studying in specific classes. Course assignments get more difficult over time.
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Students participate in internships every year. A one-semester internship serves as the program's culmination.
Less academic work is required of students during their internship, allowing them to concentrate on their production activities.
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At any stage during their studies, students who meet the necessary skill criteria can work at EPAM, which helps them obtain and sharpen practical knowledge.